Geometry & Informal Geometry

Homeroom: relo-5

Greetings from Geometry & Informal Geometry,

All geometry students will experience compass and software based constructions for enrichment and to provide
hands-on learning. Formal geometry differs from Informal geometry primarily in its intensity. The formal class is
proof-based and serves as a feeder for Algebra II. Informal geometry moves at a more relaxed pace without the
academic rigor of proofs.

Required student materials:
- bow-style compass
- straightedge: a clear plastic straightedge, 6 or 12 inch is recommended
- protractor: a clear plastic 3 - 4 in plastic protractor is recommended.

All students are automatically enrolled in their respective class in Google Drive.
From Google drive students may view:
- Course Syllabus
- Assignment Calendars
- Grade Distributions for tests.
Contact me for parental access to Google Drive

Visit Naaninotes for geometry help. Search on "naaninotes".

New for 2017-8: We will be taking many quizzes on CANVAS. CANVAS is a learning management system (LMS)
that facilitates electronic quizzes that may be taken on a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone.

School year 2017-18 is my twenty-first year teaching in the Anchorage School District.
Previously taught classes in the ASD:
- Aglebra I
- Integrated Math
- Algebra B
- CAD (computer aided drafting)
- Aviation Science (Private Pilot Ground School)

Previous Careers:
- Design Engineer for Hamilton Standard Div of United Technologies
- Charter pilot: ATP, CFII, AGII