Trailside Ignite/Gifted

Homeroom: A-129
Phone: (907) 742-5538

Alana Haider & Theresa Reich, Gifted Ed. Coordinators
Trailside Elementary School
Phone: 742-5538

Welcome to IGNITE!
Bowman • Rabbit Creek • Spring Hill • Trailside • Polaris • Rilke Schule • Family Partnership

We're so happy to have you with us at Trailside and we're looking forward to a great year!

Schedule and bus information:

MONDAY AM 9:30-11:45
Bowman 5/6
Rabbit Creek 5/6
TUESDAY AM 9:30-11:45
Rabbit Creek 5/6
Spring Hill 5/6                    

TUESDAY PM 1:20-3:15
Trailside 6

WEDNESDAY AM 9:30-11:45
Rabbit Creek 4/5
Spring Hill 4
WEDNESDAY PM 1:00-3:15
Trailside 4/5
Rilke Schulel 5
Family Partnership 5

THURSDAY AM 9:30 - 11:45
Rabbit Creek 3
Spring Hill 3
Bowman 3/4
Trailside 3

Bus# Pickup Bus # Dropoff
Rabbit Creek       4     9:15          51 noon
Bowman           4     9:20          51 11:55
Spring Hill      4      9:25          51 11:50
Polaris          45 9:15 51 12:10

If your IGNITE time conflicts with your lunch schedule, please bring lunch with you. You will be given time to eat
in our classroom.
     We will begin the year with an MYSTERIES unit.
We are in need of some materials. We gladly accept donations and thank you in advance.

      • Kleenex               • HEALTHY SNACKS (for whole class)
• cornstarch • Paper Towels
• balloons • styrofoam packing peanuts & meat trays
• salt • graph paper (white, large grid)
• sugar • jelly beans
• crackers • popcorn (microwave)
• flour • baby powder
• white vinegar • iodine solution

Homework is not assigned in our classroom. However, students who make poor use of their time in
class may have to complete work at home. When that’s the case, parents will be notified.

Classroom updates will be sent home regularly via email. Make sure to get your email address to us (from the green disaster
sheet sent home last week) if you haven’t already done so.

Quarterly forums have been scheduled for parents of gifted children.
All forums will be held at the Anchorage School District Boniface Center from 7-8 pm
This year’s topics and forum dates are:

Septermber 24 ~ Parenting a Precocious Child
November 12 ~ Overview of Middle School Programs
January 14 ~ High School Gifted Fair

For more information on these forums, please contact the Gifted Office at 742-3794.

Questions? Call 742-5538 or write:

Here’s to a great year!
Alana Haider & Theresa Reich