Health/SEL and Physical Education

Homeroom: At Russian Jack Portable 123-92
Phone: (907) 742-1300

Russian Jack Elementary and Chugach Optional
Physical Education/Health/SEL

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We have two awesome physical education teachers here at Russian Jack. Scott Armstrong and Lisa Pullen. As we begin a new school
year we are exited to have all the students at Russian Jack back again. We are looking forward to having a great year. Our goal is to help
students have a variety of ways to enjoy being physically active. Students that are active and surrounded by a positive and supportive
environment will see academic, emotional and social benefits now and in the future. We will prepare and encourage students to gain skills
and be active for a lifetime.
At Russian Jack students will have PE for 45 minutes twice a week. Health classes are 30 minutes once a week. During the time spent
with us we will be working on:
Movement concepts: hopping, skipping, jumping, running
Skill themes: Throwing, kicking, striking, catching. During the year we will use these skills to play frisbee, volleyball, baseball, soccer,
Wellness concepts: These concepts are use through out the program. Healthy living including nutrition, personal safety, hygiene, body
systems and sleeping patterns are some examples.
The skill theme approach provides experiences appropriate to a child’s developmental level that combine fundamental movements into
more complex and specialized patterns. These patterns lead to individual, dual and team game or dance situations. With increased
mastery comes increased confidence and enjoyment. (ASD PE/Health website)

Behavior Expectations and Rubric:
# 1 Follow directions quickly
# 2 Stay in control
# 3 Make smart choices
# 4 Be a good sport
# 5 Be respectful to everyone

Stop and Think
     If a student at any time becomes dangerous to his or her fellow students, that student will need to take a break to regain composure
and think about how their actions are dangerous.
Students start class with 5 points.
10=O          90%
9=S+     80%
8=S          70%
7=S-          60%
6=N          0
The point system is based off the rules posted in class.
The students will get one warning for any infraction without loss of points. Students who continually are breaking the rules will have points
taken away and this will have a direct effect on their grade. Absences do not count against your grade.

Dress Code: Each child is expected to participate every day. Please help your child to remember their PE schedule and to dress
accordingly. Wearing tennis shoes and clothes easy to perform movement is a must for your child’s safety and success. “No Crocs, No
Flops” Also, If your student wears a dress on PE day, please have her wear a pair of shorts/leggings.
We are looking forward to working with the students at RJ keeping a positive and safe learning environment. We appreciate your help,
support and cooperation: please feel free to email or phone us at any time with questions or concerns.