5/6 Open Optional

Homeroom: Room C108
Phone: (907) 742-5600

My background: I moved to Alaska in August of 1995 from Duluth, Minnesota where I was attending the University of Minnesota. Prior to attending school in Minnesota I lived and grew up in northern Michigan in a town named Alpena.

One year after receiving my Master's Degree in Teaching at Alaska Pacific University I began working with the Anchorage School District. I'm very happy to be returning for my fifteenth year of teaching and teaming up again with Linda Hulen this school year. I
feel fortunate to be a part of the Bowman Open Optional Program and the Bowman Elementary community! I am eager and enthusiastic to help your child further develop their math fluency, mathematical conceptual understanding, and to seek out meaning in
the world of science and scientific inquiry!

My interests and hobbies: * Education * Natural Sciences * Biology *Tennis * Mathematics * Writing * Ice climbing and Mountaineering * Bicycling * Soccer *Skiing *Snowboarding

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