First Grade

Homeroom: C112
Phone: (907) 742-0300

Aurora Elementary

Dear Parents and Visitors,
What a great year we're having at Aurora Elementary School. Thank you to all the wonderful families I'm having the opportunity to work with this
year and the fantastic students that brighten my days with their eagerness to learn. Our class is ready for the challenges that face them in first grade this
school year.

I encourage all students to read every single night. The more you read, the stronger your skills become. It's a great way to take an
adventure without ever leaving your house. I also suggest you keep a journal of your activities you do with your family. Years down the road, it's fun to look
back at the things that you did and the way that your wrote in your younger days. I can't leave out math - Help mom and dad at
the store by adding up the cost of items in your purchase, Practice your math facts so they continue to come easily. Don't forget - Don't
make things harder than they are.

I look forward to a fantastic year!

Linda Outcalt

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