Blue Team, 8th Grade Language Arts, 8th Grade Reading Lab

Homeroom: Relo 4
Phone: (907) 742-0500

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to my homepage. I currently teach four Language Arts classes and one Reading Lab class.
This is my eight year of teaching and of course my first year at Begich Middle School. My motto to all students is that "Every child has the right to
learn". I stress to the students that they should not allow anyone to infringe upon thier right to an education, including themselves by not attending
classes, paying attention in class, or by not doing their homework. My goal for you as advocates for your children education is to provide quick and
accurate information regarding your children academic performance. On this web page you will have access to up-to-date progress reports,
classroom assignments, upcoming tests and quizzes, and information about my classroom, Blue Team, and Clark Middle School.

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