IGNITE-- Grades 2-5

Homeroom: P-1
Phone: (907) 333-2767
Email: wagner_michelle@asdk12.org

Welcome to another exciting year of IGNITE!

Students from Mountain View, Tyson, and Wonder Park will attend IGNITE classes at their own schools.

Wednesday--Mountain View
Thursday--Wonder Park

4th and 5th grades meet in the morning at Tyson & Wonder Park. Mountain View meets in the afternoon.
2nd and 3rd grades meet in the afternoon at Tyson & Wonder Park. Mountain View meets in the morning.

IGNITE class:

All students begin their IGNITE day by solving challenging logic problems. These introductory problems engage students in critical thinking and applied reasoning. Patience
and persistence are important for many of our tasks.

The IGNITE curriculum this school year (2016-2017) will include, but won’t be limited to: mousetrap car exploration, learning about kidneys, dissecting a sheep kidney,chemistry geography, measuring with rulers, yard
sticks, and meter sticks, and problem solving. The 16 Habits of Mind will also be emphasized.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks and have a great week!

Michelle Wagner
Wonder Park IGNITE
wagner_michelle@asdk12.org (email is the best way to quickly reach me).