IGNITE: Including Gifted Needs In Today's Education

Homeroom: North Star Elementary School, Room 131
Phone: (907) 742-3826

Welcome to IGNITE. I serve 2nd through 6th grade students at Airport Heights, North Star and Northwood Elementary Schools. Our first unit of study for the 2014-2015 school year is Insects. Students will learn about insect characteristics, classification and identification. We will use the Scientific Method to conduct investigations about structures and what makes them strong. Students will learn about compound eyes, metamorphosis, social habits, habitat and defense of insects. They will use information learned to determine how large insects can grow, identify what factors affect insect size, and consider a scientific mystery. During the spring we will study inventions. We will learn the difference between inventions and discoveries, consider why inventions occur, and examine how inventions are beneficial. Students will be introduced to various inventors, their inventions and the impact these inventions have on society. Students will apply scientific theory as they create inventions and record trials, errors and successes. Finally, students will be introduced to copyright and patent laws.