School Nurse

Homeroom: Health Office

Welcome to Steller Secondary School. Please have a safe and healthy school year. If there are any health concerns please visit the nurse's office or call 742-4963.

* Please visit the class links at the right hand side of this page for informative information. For more health information, visit the Nurse's website by clicking on the Nurse's website link under additional pages at the bottom right hand side of this page.


My personal and professional philosophy as a school nurse is to use deductive reasoning, which moves from the general to the particular. I believe it is honorable that the professional school nurse focuses overall (physically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally) not just a specific body system or problem. This type of holistic nursing affords a better utilization of the nurse's education and experiences to properly care for the entire patient, family, and community as needed.

I believe that every patient deserves dignity, respect, and compassion. Patients have the right to privacy and confidentiality. Their religious and cultural beliefs are honored and taken into consideration when making decisions that affect his or her care. I believe nursing has no time or place for prejudice of race, religion, financial status or gender. Therefore, a nurse needs to feel completely comfortable with his or her own values and beliefs before considering their patient's valued principles. I do feel comfortable with my own values and beliefs and I am nonjudgmental towards others. My standards are high towards maximizing therapeutic communication and I believe that active listening is a very important skill to use. The patient's words and body language are quite significant towards subjective and objective assessments.

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