Library, K-6

Homeroom: Library
Phone: (907) 742-7200

Hello, My name is Laura Guest and I am the librarian at Turnagain Elementary.

Students come to the library for weekly lessons and to check out library books. Lessons include hearing stories from a variety of authors and information text (non-fiction) designed around the American Association of School Librarian's standards. Many of the lessons coordinate with what is happening in the classroom; supporting the Common Core State Standards. Ask your child what they did this week during their library class. You can see the Elementary Academic Plan on the District website at:

Students in grades 3-6 may have three books in their possession at any time (due in 2 weeks). Students in grades K-2 start with one book per week and move to two books (due in 1 week). Russian Immersion students make have one additional book if at least one of them is Russian. If your student does not come home with a new book on library it is often because they have an overdue or damaged book. Please check with your student or contact me by email or by telephone. Did you know you can get a Turnagain library account and check out from our collection too?

The PTA sponsored Book Fairs are held in October and in February during the Parent/Teacher Conferences . If you cannot make it to the book fair, there is an online shopping option that still benefits our PTA fundraiser.

I look forward to meeting you, Mrs. Guest