4th Grade Teacher

Homeroom: Room 315
Phone: (907) 742-7630

This year we'll be doing a lot of exciting learning in 4th grade! Reading and math are our number one priorities, so we are applying these skills when we investigate our science
and social studies topics. In room 315 students take charge of their learning, set goals, and try their best. We are some awesome Huskies!

Highlights of our 4th grade curriculum:

Reading - All genres of text (non-fiction, poetry, biographies, etc); Developing stronger reading fluency, skills, and strategies; Reading to learn about everything else!

Writing - Using writing to help us learn and remember; Developing writing skills and creativity using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation; Writing a variety of genres for
different purposes and audiences.

Math - Place Value; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Geometry; Using math for real life purposes; Becoming stronger in our math skills and thinking

Science - Rocks and Minerals, Bones and Skeletons, Electric Circuits and Pathways

Social Studies - World Geography; Ancient Civilizations of the American Continent; Native American Studies; European Exploration of the American Continents