Bilingual Education ELL Reading Foundations grades 7,8

Homeroom: 202
Phone: (907) 742-4715
Email: novitska_olena@asdk12.org

Hello and welcome to Mears Middle School!
I teach English Language Learner Reading Foundations, 7th and 8th grade. My students are required to actively work in class, and most assignments are completed at school.
Your student has a portfolio in a binder that is kept at school in room 202. That's where we also keep our textbooks, disctionaries, posters, and other materials.
To me, the most important aspect of teaching is empowering the young mind to think and construct knowledge, make own connections, look for and correct own mistakes, thus improve upon oneself, challenge oneself, explore the language to the fullest.

It is our goal to get all our assignments to 80% grade B level or higher.
If your student doesn't understand a concept, I may re-teach it the next day to allow them to bring their grade up.
If your student missed a day, I put their make-up work in their binder with the date and their name on it written with red pen, as well as my personal stamp with “make-up” circled.

Middle School language learning requires more that retelling and memorizing.
We do reflective writing, draw conclusions, identify story elements, compare and contrast, come up with general ideas and enduring understandings about language and literature. In the course of the year your student will create a portfolio filled with writing done in several drafts. It would be helpful to encourage your child to read at home on the regular basis.

I wish everyone a successful and productive school year, Mrs. Olena Novitska, ELL teacher