Homeroom: Benson Nurse Office
Phone: (907) 742-1251

I contribute to Benny Benson HS by providing health services during the school day, first aide, teaching students about responsible health choices,and putting students and/or their families in touch with appropriate community resources

I am available to listen to students' concerns and assist with their problem solving. Family members can contact me or stop in any time to air concerns, ask for ideas or support for problems that may come up at school or at home with their Benson student

I want to encourage students to complete their HS education, and become responsible contributing members of this community

Check out the internet links I've put on this site. Subjects include: questions about reproductive health, sexuality, disaster planning/preparedness, general information about health conditions, parenting issues. I've tried to use reliable, well respected sources only. Please let me know if you'd like info regarding anything else-

Students: Be thoughtful!!!about what you put into cyberspace on social media
Respect yourself and your reputation
Be kind to others and be kind to yourself
Stop in and say hello to me

Office hours: Mon-Fri 7:45-3:15
phone 742 2051
fax 742 2060