I teach language arts, math, science, and social studies in second grade at Ptarmigan.

Homeroom: 109
Phone: (907) 742-5600 ex. 5637

Hello and welcome to my web page!

A little information about me: I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I did not immediately go into teaching. I went to
school part time and dabbled in various jobs from factory work, to secretarial, to being a super nanny, waitressing, you
name it! One of my jobs was working as an assistant teacher at a preschool, and I loved it! I eventually attended University
of Michigan and got a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I began teaching preschool and kindergarten
in Detroit Public Schools. After two years in Detroit, I was hired in Grosse Pointe Schools and taught there as a half day kindergarten
teacher until the birth of my daughter Milena in 1999. I spent the next 5 years being super mom to Milena and her older sister Grace.
I did some part time teaching in Lakeview, Michgan as a sub and music teacher, and summer school teacher. I was a PTO board member
and tried my hand at Kindermusik as well. In 2003, our family moved to Alaska to be closer to family and I began teaching kindergarten in
Eagle River at Eagle River Elementary. In 2004-2014 I had the fortune of teaching in the Optional Program at Bowman.

I took a leave of absence in 2014-2015 to kick cancer's butt and returned in 2015 to Ptarmigan as a first grade teacher. I moved up to second grade with my kids (looping) and we are really a close community. I love
Ptarmigan's diversity!

My most important job is being the mom to Grace and Milena, and I take that very seriously! However, I have lots of other
kids that are near and dear to my heart: my students! I love learning and try to share and inspire that with my students. I
hope that more than anything, my students develop a strong hunger for knowledge, a strong sense of self, and a respect
for others and the world's miracles!