Study/Affective Skills & Informal Geometry

Homeroom: Rm 5

Study Skills 2017-2018

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians

Welcome Back to school!!

My name is Eric Holta and this is my first year teaching at Chugiak High School. I have lived in the community the past 21
years and have raised two boys here. I’ve taught at East High School (8 yrs.), Gruening Middle School (15 yrs.) and
McLaughlin Youth Center (2 yrs.). I am excited to once again teach in the community in which I live.

The objective of this course is to reinforce skills and strategies to help students become more effective and efficient learners.
The majority of time will be spent helping students to keep up with their academic studies. This will include organizational
and time management skills necessary to be successful high school students.


Grading is largely based on participation and organization.

Participation: Five points per day based on participation. This includes being on time, coming to class prepared, and staying
task. This will be entered each Friday as Weekly Points, 25 points possible.

Organization: Ten points each week. Students will be required to keep a binder with subject dividers (or pouch folders) for
their core classes. Binders will be randomly checked on a weekly basis. In addition, students will need to fill out a Daily
planner/Assignment calendar, this will be included in the binder check.

Starting with week 4, students will be printing out and taking home their Zangle reports to have parents sign and return. This
is 25 point assignment which will be required once every 2 weeks. Parents and students are encouraged to check Zangle
progress online, as needed, to ensure students are not falling behind or missing assignments.

In order to ensure that you’ve received this letter please sign and return page 2 with your child. If you have contact
information that you’d like to share please add that as well.

If you have any question, suggestions or concerns please feel free to email me at and I will get back
within 24 hours, usually sooner.

Looking working with you and your child.