Homeroom: B200B
Phone: (907) 742-7086
Email: boyd_jaime@asdk12.org

Welcome to Dimond High School!
I am the Freshman House Counselor and I'm excited to get to know you and your student as we pave the way toward a great 9th grade year.
Please feel free to contact me, either by email or phone. Thank You!

"10 Things Teens Want Parents to Know"

1. Please listen to our stories and try to understand before jumping to conclusions or making decisions.
2. Please spend more quality time with us to develop a close relationship. (Examples: go on a walk, take me out to dinner, play a card game, spend one-on-one time)
3. We need some personal space along with boundaries. It's important to communicate & negotiate.
4. Make an effort to know and care about our friends; utilize a parent network.
5. Have family meetings to discuss any new or existing rules due to new relationships, family members, and/or partners.
6. Know your teens and set consequences based on each individual child's maturity and responsibility level.
7. Discuss family issues and personal matters in private (not in front of our friends or your friends).
8. Stay calm when discussing issues of disagreement. If this requires time to separate and cool down, then do it!
9. Although the needs of these individuals (i.e. foster child, grandparents, handicap, special needs, etc.) can be high, remember the importance of quality time with all family members.
10. Consider all family members even with changing dynamics of the family (i.e. a new spouse, step-children, etc.).