Integrated Science 8

Homeroom: Room 109

Hello and welcome to Phoenix Science!

I will be using Google Classroom this year as my "website".

Parents: If you would like to be able to access Google Classroom, you must use your child's district login and follow the directions below.

If you need assistance, please email me at Please follow the directions below to access daily homework assignments (and due dates) and other important science information.

1. Access
2. Click on “Students” - upper right hand corner
3. “Academics” box, click on “Web Tools”
4. Under Students (right column) - “Google Apps”
5. Log into your Google Docs account (lastname.firstname & student id #)
6. In the upper right hand corner, click on the icon with 9 little squares that make a larger square - looks like a waffle! (in between the “search” bar and the icon of a bell)
7. Click “more” at the bottom of the pop up
8. Then click on “Classroom”
9. Click on the “+” button - upper right corner
10. Enter your class code

2016-2017 Class codes:
Period 2 - 3yms499
Period 3 - i6m281
Period 4 - ud2129w
Period 5 - 5qnnz3h

If you would like to view the Next Generation Science Standards and the rubrics used to assess your child, please click on "IS8" to the right (under "Kendra Miller-Jones' Classes"). This link provides direct
access to those documents by clicking on "LINKS". Please contact me if you have any questions, anytime!