Book Group, Battle of the Books, Scholastic Book Orders

Homeroom: Student Services
Phone: (907) 742-5208

Greetings from the Counseling Office,

If youíve already had a child go through Romig Middle School, you may recognize me as Romigís Gifted Coordinator. Unfortunately, my position was eliminated during the 2014 budget cuts. Iím fortunate, however, that I
was able to remain at Romig by sliding into the guidance counseling position that opened when Mr. Jones retired.

Although I really enjoyed working with the gifted students, Iím happy to put my 10 years of guidance counseling experience back to use after seven years of specializing on one population.

If youíre new to Romig, you should be forewarned that the counselors loop with their 7th graders when they move to 8th grade. This unfortunately gets a little confusing in the spring when 6th grade parents want to talk to a
counselor. They typically call the 7th grade counselor not knowing that the 8th grade counselor will be moving back to 7th grade in the fall.

In addition to my duties as a counselor, I typically have a book group for my students during lunch. I also organize Scholastic Book Orders for the school and co-sponsor Battle of the Books with our Librarian Staci Cox.

The best way to reach me is via e-mail at Otherwise, please feel free to contact me at 742-5262. If you prefer to meet in person, please contact me for an appointment.

Take care,
Shelly Andresen