First Grade

Homeroom: 167
Phone: (907) 742-5900
Email: french_tiffiney@asdk12.org

Welcome to first grade!

April Activities...
* Our last speech is April 9th - April 13th. The topic is "The best part of first grade is..." As always, please continue to work
with your children on these speeches. I am so proud of each child and their efforts with speeches this year. They have been incredibly
well pre-pared and absolutely entertaining.
* Our African animal unit will be coming to an end on April 13th. To help culminate this unit, we will be having a
safari luncheon on Friday, April 13th. Please make sure your child comes to school with his/her item to help contribute to our safari smorgasbord.
*Power of Water is our last science kit for the year. With this unit, students will be learning about the importance of water and it's impact on people, places, and

To our classroom volunteers who help prepare activities for our class and give us their "extra" hands when we need them.
We adore each of you and appreciate all you have done for us. Thanks!!

Kid Quote: (Megan, kindergarten student)
Megan: "Good-bye toast"
Mrs. French: "Toast?"
Megan: "Yea...French!"