English , Writing

Homeroom: Rm103
Phone: (907) 742-1154

Greetings!!! I am a special education teacher working at McLaughlin Youth Center. I teach Blended Learning classes incorporating APEX curriculum resources and Anchorage School District ELA curriculum guides to develop curriculum to
meet the needs of individual classes. Utilizing the reads and materials from APEX curriculum (core curriculum utilized by most teachers) while addressing basic writing expectations for individual English courses of students enrolled.

My classrooms are working from a blended curriculum model The current classroom dynamics include a stack classroom environment; different levels of English courses in same setting.

Some classrooms spend time on APEX coursework, where some classrooms spend little to no time on APEX; due to the dynamics of the studentís needs. Resources; reads and skills/standards pulled from APEX are applied to the direct
instruction activities utilized in class. Also, the district English Language Arts curriculum guides influence the activities to meet the multiple course standards that make up each class.