K-6 Health and Social Emotional Learning

Homeroom: Health/Art Room
Phone: (907) 742-1600

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Welcome to Elementary Health/Social Emotional Learning Class with Mrs. Lay!

Anchorage School District uses The Great Body Shop health curriculum that is taught to all K-6 students throughout
the school year. This curriculum helps children learn about their bodies and how to take care of them. We also cover
Social Emotional Learning topics that correlate with ASD's SEL standards.

The following are the areas of health focus for this school year:


Body Systems


Healthy Habits

Human Growth and Development

Communicable Diseases

Just Say "No!" to Drugs

Physical Fitness

The following are areas of Social Emotional Learning focus for the year:

Self-Awareness: Knowing what we are feeling in the moment:
having a realistic assessment of our own abilities and a wellgrounded
sense of self-confidence.

Self-Management: Handling our emotions so they facilitate
rather than interfere with the task at hand; being conscientious
and delaying gratification to pursue goals; persevering in the face
of setbacks and frustrations.

Social Awareness: Understanding what others are feeling;
being able to take their perspective; appreciating and interacting
positively with diverse groups.

Social Management: Handling emotions in relationships
effectively; establishing and maintaining healthy and rewarding
relationships based on cooperation, resistance to inappropriate
social pressure, negotiating solutions to conflict, and seeking
help when needed.