IB History of the Americas, STTA AK Studies/Ancient Civ, AK Studies/Global Geography

Homeroom: 28
Phone: (907) 742-2500

Welcome to my home page!

My philosophy regarding education is simple: We are all involved in the education of our young people; the job does not rest with one or two.

It is my job to be prepared each day.
It is the job of parents to stay involved and engaged with their children.
It is the job of students to assume responsibility for their work.
If any of us fails to do our part we cannot expect the results we desire.

Letís work together and we'll have good year!!

I'm very excited for this year! I'm looking forward to meeting my students and their parents/guardians.
I'm available for conferencing during 6th period, before and after school, Monday-Friday.
The best way to reach me is via email at