3rd Grade

Homeroom: Room 7
Phone: (907) 742-6700

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year at Chinook Elementary School!

My name is Peter Cusano and I welcome you and your child to our third grade classroom. I am originally from Terre Haute, Indiana. I received my Bachelor's Degree in 1983 at Indiana State University, and my Master's Degree in 2001 at Grand Canyon University. I've been teaching for 31 years. I've taught in Las Vegas for 20 years and 11 years in Anchorage. This website contains information about our classroom. I look forward to meeting you and
getting to know your child.

Our math program is Go Math which focuses on the grade level Common Core State Standards.
Your child will have a consumable math textbook and a standards practice book. Each lesson will include a Test Practice
and a standards review.
There are post-tests administered at the end of each unit, which enables me to see what skills need to be retaught and where progress
was made with each student.

We use the Houghton-Mifflin program for Reading and Language Arts. Here, the focus is on the grade level Common Core State Standards focusing on key vocabulary building,
and enhancing comprehension skills and strategies. The anthology is used for theme introduction and total class guided reading to emphasize all
comprehension skills and strategies. Small leveled reading groups are utilized to work with students at their leveled reading. In
the language arts aspect, there are weekly lessons on phonics and decoding strategies, vocabulary, and spelling. Also, there are
weekly writing and grammar assignments. As with mathematics, I will administer a Unit Theme post-test to see where progress
was made and where remediation is needed.

Homework will be given in Reading, Math, and Spelling each week.I will be sending binders containing weekly planners home with your son/daughter
every week. The binders will go home on the first day of the week(usually Monday) and are due back on the last day of the
week (usually Friday).

Progress reports will be issued on the fourth or fifth week of each quarter. Please read and sign the progress report and
return it to school with your child on the following Monday. If you should have questions or concerns regarding your child's
progress, please contact me.

The grading scale is as follows:

90%-100% = O
80%-89% = S+
70%-79% = S
60%-69% = S-
0% - 59% = N

O = Outstanding Progress
S = Satisfactory Progress
N = Needs Improvement

Pullout Schedule:

Monday: P.E. (Bring your gym shoes.)
Wednesday: COMPUTER LAB (Lexia, Math Whizz, Reflex Math)
Thursday: LIBRARY/P.E. (Bring your gym shoes.)
Friday: MUSIC/S.E.L. (Social Emotional Learning)

Class Rules:


Discipline Plan:

5 points - Outstanding behavior.
4 points- Verbal Warning
3 points - Time Out - Sit out 5 minutes, then return with the group.
2 points - Buddy Room with Verbal and/or Written Debrief (20 minutes or when the student is ready to rejoin the class).
1 point - Parent/Teacher Conference and 3 days Recess Buddy Room
0 points - Sent to the office to see Principal Stevens and/or Teacher/Parent Conference.

I want to make our classroom at Chinook a great place to learn. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at
742-6700, or email me at

Thank you.

Peter L. Cusano