Phone: (907) 742-3151
Email: lessard_kathryn@asdk12.org

Welcome to the Chugiak High School Nurses Office. Office hours are from 7:00am-2:30pm Monday through Friday.

The School Health Office provides a wide range of health promotion services under the direction of the school nurse.

Immunization requirements are established by law and must be met for a student to enter and remain in school
Each student's records are reviewed at the time of registration and annually thereafter. Please provide the school
nurse with a copy of your student's shot record each time they receive an immunization in order to update their record.

Health Screening:
Vision, hearing, weight and height screening is conducted at specific grade levels and as needed. You will be notified if further evaluation
by a specialist is necessary. Tb testing is required by law and is conducted on all new to district students.
Exemption from testing is acceptable only if you provide a tb skin test result within the past 6 months, or a physician stating that
skin testing would be injurious to the student's health or to members of your household.

Although we stress the importance of good attendance, a student who is ill should remain at home. Please do not send
sick students to school to be examined by the school nurse. This may expose many others to unnecessary illnesses.

Accidental injuries at school will be given first aid by the school nurse or in his/her absence, by a trained staff member. In the event of, life
threatening emergency, the paramedics will be called. In the event of a serious injury, the parents/guardians will be notified and advised if
further medical care is needed.

Medication Administration:
All student medications must be provided to the school nurse in the original container from the pharmacy or the grocery store and
be accompanied by the parental written request for administration at school. All medications with the exception of inhalers for asthma must
be kept int he nurse's office and administered by the nurse. Parents must complete the necessary ASD medication form and provide
the medication for the student. All forms are available in the nurse's office or on the ASD website under forms.

As always, please call if you have any questions. 742-3151