Second/Third Grade Combo

Homeroom: room 108
Phone: (907) 742-5900

Welcome to Mrs. Brock's second/third grade combo class! I look forward to an exciting year with all of you. There is so much to learn, and to share, with each other. I hope you are as excited about being here at Bear Valley as I am. We are part of a wonderful community! This year in third grade Science we will learn about Weather, Seasons and their variations along with Alaskan Trees and Plants. Second grade will focus on Properties of Matter and the Earth's place in the universe. Third grades Social Studies focus will be on the great state of Alaska while Second grade focuses on our city of Anchorage. In Math we use the GO MATH curriculum! This math curriculum helps students engage with the Common Core Standards and master, many challenging concepts. The Third grade curriculum focuses on whole number operations, measurement and data, understanding multiplication and multiplication facts and strategies. We will also be studying division facts and strategies along with fractions, time length, measurement and two dimensional shapes. The Second grade curriculum focuses on Number Sense, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction Strategies,Time, Money, Data Analysis and Geometry. In Writing the class will be introduced to paragraphing, creative writing, and the 6-traits of writing. In Reading we will be focusing on a multitude of genres from the new curriculum National Geographic-Cengage anthology. I love to watch how students blossom from year to year with their reading! The confidence that they feel when they complete a book is so awesome! A book is an amazing tool. It can take you on a journey through history and fantasy, through silly stories and fairy tales. There is such pleasure in watching a child grow! I look forward to another wonderful year. I can't imagine my life without children being part of it!