Biology I, Marine Biology, Botany

Homeroom: H101
Email: maclean_daniel@asdk12.org

Welcome to Mr. Maclean's science classes. The weekly schedule for each class is written on the board on the north wall in the classroom every Monday. The schedule is also generally posted on each classes page within this website.

As a parent, the primary way of communicating your student’s progress is through the gradebook function on Zangle. This allows you to see the actual teacher’s gradebook for each class your student is in, for all of your children which are enrolled in Anchorage School District schools.

Zangle can be accessed through any computer with an internet connection at https://parentconnect.asdk12.org/. The link is also made available on the Anchorage School District homepage www.asdk12.org. If you are having difficulty logging in to Zangle due to username or password difficulties, please call 742-8100 and you will be directed to someone at Service who can help you.

Students may - and should - also log into Zangle regularly to check their progress.

Unlike ParentConnect which allows you to see all your ASD enrolled children's grades, when students log into Zangle, they only see their own individual grades.

There are a few things to keep in mind when checking the gradebook. The default view is to only show assignments within the last week. To see all the graded assignments over the semester, click on “show all assignments” at the top of the page. Also, grades for all my classes are weighted by category – roughly 33% each for home, classwork, and tests. To see which category each assignment is in, click on the print icon in the upper left corner of the page. This will create a viewable .pdf of the gradebook showing all assignments and their respective categories. The .pdf does not have be printed unless you want to.

However, for some programming reason, Zangle does not show the ParentConnect or StudentConnect user the weighting of individual assignments within the categories mentioned above. Sorry. Zangle as a program is handy in many respects, but still needs some work in other respects. Within categories, individual assignments are weighted according to how much time we spent on it. As a general principle, a homework assignment receives 10 points per night that it takes to do it. Classwork receives 10 points per day we spent on the lab or activity. Tests counts as 100 points, Quests as 50 points, and Quizes as 10 points. Zangle does show you the total points within each category, so, by using the above information and by checking in regularly, you can infer the point weighting of each individual assignment.

Zangle allows you to see my gradebook while it is being actively worked on. Therefore, it is not always a polished final product. If you see an assignment in the gradebook, and there is no grade entered for that particular assignment, that means your student’s work for that particular assignment has not been graded yet. It does not mean the assignment is missing. If I have confirmed the assignment is missing, a grade of 0 will be entered for that assignment.

Please check Zangle regularly throughout the year. I do my best to update grades in a timely manner.

If you have questions, please contact me by e-mail at maclean_daniel@asdk12.org.