Period 1: English II, Period 2: Studio Art, Period 4: Pottery, Period 5: Pottery, Period 6: painting

Homeroom: NE 51 and 53

S1 and S2: Period 1: Planning
Period 2: S1Studio art;/ S2 Painting
Period 3: S1/S2 Studio Art
Period 4: S1 Pottery / S2 Studio Art
Period 5: S1 Pottery / S2 Studio Art
Period 6: S1 Studio Art / S2 Painting

Class schedule adjust a little at semester.

*If you are confused about her first name, it is pronounced "Sha-vonne". It is a traditional Irish-Gaelic name. It doesn't follow the phonetic rules of English.
*Call her Ms. O'Hara. :)

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