IGNITE, Gifted Enrichment, Grades 2-6

Phone: (907) 980-2103

Welcome to 2016-2017 IGNITE! I'm excited about offering ASD Gifted Enrichment students from Lake Otis, Baxter and
Russian Jack elementary schools the challenges of hands-on learning.

This year's enrichment curriculum will be highlighted by the classroom creation of a "Mini Society," offering students
experience in creating their own economic systems. Students will begin the year with an introduction to the Power of
Science through hands-on activities of Simple Machines. Before the year is out, we hope to have the chance to
dissect earthworms -- and maybe squid!

Throughout the year, we'll continue the IGNITE program's focus on the fascinating brain and studies which examine the
"Fixed vs. Growth Mind-set," a unique way of looking at how we react to such things as challenges, effort and criticism,
as well as "Habits of Mind" -- 16 characteristics or behaviors that have been identified as promoting successful, lifelong
learning. We'll also be targeting the cognitive areas of the brain through Problem Solvers, Quotation Quizzlers, Logic Links
and 5-Minute Mysteries.

My educational philosophy centers around a hands-on curriculum requiring higher order thinking and active participation.
The goal is to stimulate student curiosity by making learning relevant and fun. Feel free to contact me via e-mail
or via phone, 980-2103, if you questions regarding the IGNITE program and/or the 2015-16
enrichment units.