ELL Math

Homeroom: 402
Phone: (907) 742-1820

Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Mr. King. I teach at Bartlett. I have been teaching for 4 years at Bartlett. I teach english language learning (ELL) math classes. ELL means I work with Polynesian, Korean, Hmong, Pinoy, Latin, Iraqi, and Thai students who are still learning english or have a little trouble learning math. I enjoy working with ELL students very much. I have lived in Alaska for 6 years. I love Alaska a lot. I love learning and have many hobbies. I enjoy camping, fishing, guitar, hiking, boating, movies, sci-fi, music, coaching basketball, weight lifting, sports, and video games when I am not at work. If you ever have any questions for me just email me at and I will email or call you back. Thanks! ------Theronn King