6th Grade

Homeroom: Room 148
Email: stone_eben@asdk12.org

Current quarter 4 projects

United States Project
-Each student will choose one state, of the United States, from the list below on which to do his/her project. There may be no more than one student per state.

Name History (10 points)
At the top of the project students will write the name of the state in decorative, hand-written letters. Near the name the student will tell where the name of the state came from and what it means (if anything). Students will also tell what
number their state was in admission to the United States.

Civil War Conflict (10 points)
Students will write a newspaper style article about one battle, fight, or skirmish that took place in their state between the Union and the Confederacy. The student must tell, in this article, on which side the state was (north vs. south).
The student must also have a hand-drawn picture showing something about the article, and must have a headline (title) for the article. Must be one paragraph.
May also report on a Civil War hero, or a militia from his/her state.

State History (10 points)
In the bottom, right-hand corner students will write a one-paragraph article about part of the states history that they found interesting. The article must have a headline (title), a picture and a caption that tells what is happening in the

Bird/Flower (10 points)
In the middle of the project the student will have a hand-drawn picture of the state bird or state flower (students choice).

Collage (10 points)
Students will find pictures of their state in National Geographic magazines, and will make a collage from pictures they think are interesting and/or informative.