Classroom Music

Homeroom: Stage
Phone: (907) 742-8460

Welcome to the classroom music program at Rogers Park Elementary!

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade will receive an hour of classroom music instruction each week; 6th grade students will receive 30 minutes of classroom music instruction due to their participation in Band or
Orchestra. Learners will develop the concepts, skills, and attitudes for a lifetime enjoyment and appreciation of music. This is accomplished through a variety of experiences: singing, playing instruments, listening, moving,
improvising, creating, composing, expressing, performing, etc. In music class, your child will apply their musical experience to history, science, social studies, literature and math. Through the synchronizing of content areas,
students are able to understand that learning is life based, not compartmentalized.

In order to ensure that these goals can be reached and to promote a positive learning environment, the following guidelines have been established for music class.

Music Class Expectations
•     Follow Direction
•     Participate
•     Be Kind to Others and to the Equipment
•     Keep your Hands and your Feet to Yourself
•     Talk and Play your Instruments only when Asked to.

1.     Warning
2.     Time Out with Voluntary Return
3.     Time Out with Teacher Requested Return
4.     Removal from Classroom with a Phone Call Home

Students in grades 1-6 will receive an “Effort” grade on their report card for music. This grade reflects a student’s behavior and participation in class. Students self grade based on a 1-5 point rubric, a five is best. Students in
grades 4-6 also receive an “Academic” grade on their report card for music. This grade reflects how well your child understood the materials presented in class. If is just as difficult to earn a 1 in music class as it is to earn a 5.
Please ask your child about music class and check their Zangle account to see his/her grade for the week!

Please feel free to contact me via email at or call Rogers Park at 742-4800.

Musically yours,
Deb Roberts
Classroom Music Teacher

Effort Grading Rubric
Students self assess their effort grade based on the following rubric.

Level 1 (N)
1.     I chose not to participate in music class.
a.     I didn’t feel like doing music class.
b.     I was in time out too often to participate.
c.     I left the classroom at Mrs. Roberts’ request.
2.     I was unsafe.
a.     Hitting, kicking, punching, or touching another student.
3.     I was in time-out 3 or more times today. ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

Level 2 (S-)
1.     I was in time out 1 or 2 times The teacher had to remind me of the rules several times.
2.     I was unsafe or out of control during some of the activities.
3.     I wasn’t listening and following directions like I know I should.
4.     I interrupted learning by talking or by my actions. ☹

Level 3 (S)

1.     I did the minimum I could to get by and not get into trouble.
2.     I could’ve tried harder, but I didn’t.
3.     I had to be reminded of the rules to help keep me on task, but only once.
4.     By not doing my best, I didn’t learn as much as I should have. I’ll do better next time. :|

Level 4 (S+)
1.     I was a rock star in music class. I could not have done a better job.
2.     When we sang, not only did I use my best singing voice, I listened to those around me and blended my voice in with their voice.
3.     I did everything I was supposed to do and did not disrupt the learning of anyone else, not even once. ☺

Level 5 (O)
1.     I did everything required of a Level 4 (S+) Student