7th Grade World Geography (Core) and Ancient Civilizations and American Eras (Elective)

Homeroom: A217
Phone: (907) 742-0500

Welcome parents and students.

7th Grade World Geography Syllabus (time frame approx) :
Introduction to Geography 3 weeks
Introduction to Alaska Studies 2 weeks
North America 5 weeks
South America 3 weeks
Europe 4 weeks
Ancient Mesopotamia 2 weeks
Middle East 3 weeks
Africa 4 weeks
Oceania/Antarctica 2 weeks
Asia 7 weeks

We will be studying the Earth and its People. The textbook we will be using in the classroom (in addition to supplemental texts and materials) is called People, Places, and Change.
Our main focus for each continent study area will be on the Geography, the History regarding the formation and existence of government, current events, and the current
economy. This will give our students an entry point into World Geography so they can build up their knowledge of the world and the way it works.