Physical Education

Homeroom: Gymnasium
Phone: (907) 742-8428
Email: povolo_james@asdk12.org

Welcome to Physical Education at Lake Hood Elementary School!! I'm looking forward to a fabulous year in PE!!

I've been teaching Physical Education for 18 years in 3 different states and there's one thing my wife Katie, also an ASD PE teacher, and I have learned... kids love to move and, more importantly these days, NEED to move. So come on families, let's get physically active!! It doesn't have to be organized sports, but should total at least 60 min. of physical activity per day and should be mostly aerobic (raising your heart rate).

Please contact me at school if you would like to speak with me regarding your child and/or the Physical Education program at Lake Hood Elementary School.

My Physical Education Teaching Philosophy

As a physical educator, I find myself in the unique position of being able to help students to develop a life-long love of physical activity and movement. It is my responsibility to introduce students to a variety of activities that will both challenge them and provide an outlet for fitness improvement, relaxation, and enjoyment.

As a physical educator I must also instill a basic knowledge of the components of physical fitness and wellness, as well as the concepts of movement. I must design instruction which both provides information and affords the students the opportunity to put into practice such components and concepts.

As a physical educator, it is imperative that I create a safe environment, both physically, socially, and emotionally, in which students can learn and move. Students need to be able to explore movement and activity without fear of embarrassment or failure; 'Dancing like no one is watching'. The creation of such an environment is of paramount importance in fostering growth of students' positive self-esteem.

As a physical educator I feel it's my duty to practice what I preach and be a role model for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Yours in health and wellness,

Jim Povolo