Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT); American Red Cross First Aid; and Health Occupations Essentials

Homeroom: Room C251 and C253
Phone: (907) 742-2428
Email: tunley-daymude_evely@asdk12.org

2017-2018: We will be covering a lot of information this school year through the West Anchorage High School Medical Academy.

I have an open door policy.
E-mail is the best way to contact me (if you do not hear from me the same day you e-mail, please send another message).

Third (3rd) period is my conference period.
I encourage families to ask their students about daily school activities and topics in class; if you have concerns about class material, please contact me.
My e-mail address: Tunley_evelyne@asdk12.org

To see grades, please log into "Q" (grades will be posted and updated on a weekly basis - I work to get grades into "Q" on a timely basis, if you believe grades are missing, please let me know immediately).

In Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT) we will use the five overarching themes:
Professional Communications, Precautions (scene safety, blood borne pathogens), CPR, Vital Signs, and Emergency Trauma Technician skills.

In American Red Cross First Aid, we will be covering:
Infection Control; Check-Call-Care, CPR/AED, and basic first aid skills.

In Health Occupations, we will cover information spanning from:
Health Careers to precautions, CPR/First Aid, Vital Signs, Professional Communications and Health Related Portfolio Development.

I believe that students should start developing professional behaviors in the classroom...
This will be a critical skill throughout the school year (please be aware that the proper use of the English language will impact student grades).

This should be a great year! If you are new to West Anchorage High School: WELCOME!
If you are a returning student, I look forward to having you join the Medical Academy and think beyond our classroom!