Homeroom: PA5
Phone: (907) 566-1280

Greetings from the choir room at East High School. It's a great day to sing. I'm very happy to be leading the choirs at East this year. As a professional
musician for the
last 30+ years, I joined the arena of education in 2009 with great excitement and have aspirations for a fantastic year of choral music. I am a huge fan of jazz, blues
pop as well as
traditional choral literature, and look forward to incorporating all styles of music into our rehearsals and performances. I have an "open door" policy and
welcome visitors at
any time, especially those that would like to lend their voices.

Sing on!

Mrs. Fischer

PLEASE go to the Class News Page to view the East HS Choir Handbook. This contains information about: grading, attendance, discipline, choir attire, concerts and


I am sorry it took so long for me to post the results from auditions that took place March 6-9. I found it particularly challenging this year to determine the members for
next year’s advanced choirs. Below you will see the members who are invited to join East’s advanced choirs. Please be aware that I took many things into
​Musical aptitude
​Grade Level
​Past experience in an East HS choir and other choirs
​Work ethic
​Solo Preparation (if you auditioned for Swing Choir)

Students that are currently in Men’s or Women’s Choir are invited to return to those choirs if they are not admitted to Swing Choir.


Mckenzie Allen-Charmley​​​​ Alternates
Jannelle Emmsley​​​​​ Cassie Diamond
Alexis Jungreis ​​​​​ Maija Smith-Mclendon
Natalie Malone
Katelyn McGeary (returning)
Marielle Medina (returning)
Karolyn Merritt
Asia Mitchell (returning)
Keli Pol’eo (returning)
Isabelle Pope
Patrisha Tauanu’u
Mariah Vinson (returning)

Pusa Fa’aoso​​​​​​ Alternates
Faresa I’aulualo (returning)​ Tominic Latwer
Kenshiro Lofthouse​​​​​ Edgar Seno
Sean Nicdao (returning)
Dwayne Nichols (returning)
Danny Peseti
Peter Tauanu’u
Mickey Vue
Terry Yang

Please speak to me if you have questions or concerns. It was extraordinarily hard this year to select Swing Choir members. East has so much talent and competition is
quite fierce.

WOMEN’S CHOIR (new members)

All current members of Women’s Choir are welcome to return. PLEASE do!!!
Newly admitted members: Zharra Avila, Aja Brown, Gerricka Cowan, Kristina Floyd, Kaia Getz, Kyley Gibbons, Avirtuous Hilson, Alyssa Humphreys, Savannah
Johnson, Andrea Lawal, Celeste Matthews, Ha’ani Lynn Meno, Victoria Nabua, Kari Oales, Rachel Tamapolu, Ariel-leu Timo, Edith T.W., Leah Wagar, Da’Maurian
Williams, Candy Enriquez, Analise Franklyn

MEN’S CHOIR (new members)

All current members of Men’s Choir are welcome to return. PLEASE do!!!
Newly admitted members are: Rath Phetamphone, Joseph Siau, Albert Timo, Zion Whitfield

The Competition was fierce…especially for the women. Thank you to all of you that tried out. I heard some fantastic voices, and hope that you will continue to sing in
an East High Choir.
Sincerely ~ Mrs. Fischer

Selection of new members based on strength of Solo Piece as well as: Scales, Recall, Harmonization, and Sight Reading

Ella Ashley (returning)
Kassandra Diamond
Charlotte Haouli
Autumn Levy (returning)
Kyla Liufau
Michala Macon
Katelyn McGeary
Marielle Medina
Keli Pole’o
Megan Titzel (returning)
Mariah Vinson

Alternates: Asia Mitchell

Andrew Howlett
Faresa I’aulualo
Anthony Manu (returning)
Au Manu (returning)
Eli Neslund (returning)
Dwayne Nichols
Sean Nicdao (returning)
Kome Peko (returning)
Paea Pole’o (returning)
Elijah Siluano
Josh Smith

Alternate: Terry Yang

MEN'S CHOIR for 2016-17 school year-
Previous Men's Choir members are ALL invited to return!!!

Tominic Lawter (returning)
Saula Ofiu (returning)
Nokaoy Oales (returning)
Danny Peseti (returning)
Edgar Seno (returning)
Arise Shine
Peter Tauanuu (returning)
Mickey Vue
Terry Yang

And more TBA (to be announced…)

WOMEN'S CHOIR for 2016-17 school year -

Nu’u Alaelua
McKenzie Allen-Charmley
Shannon Edwards
Jannelle Emmsley (returning)
Cyndy Enriquez
Kaia Getz (returning)
Daryn Hernandez
Isabelle Hyland (returning)
Jen Johnson
Karizma Jones
Alexis Jungreis (returning)
Pao Mee Lee
Eileen Kue
Natalie Malone
Elle Marcale
Ann Martin
Karolyn Merritt (returning)
Kasey Milacek (returning)
Marissa Matau
Asia Mitchell (returning)
Lagi Peko
Ksaydra Seeganna
Maija Smith- McClendon
Patrisha Tauanuu (returning)
Jira Thao
Sam Mychelle Tuazon
Pearl Uiki
Kimberly Vang