AP World History, Honors World History and Sociology

Homeroom: Room 10

Welcome to World History (and Sociology)! This year

I am the Honors and AP teacher for World History this year so please direct any questions about the class to me.

A little bit about me:
I grew up in Washington and am have lived in Anchorage for six years. I enjoy getting outside and hiking as well as being creative. This will be my sixth year at West, I love teaching World because the past informs the
present and through understanding the past we gain a new perspective on current events. In general I like examining why things happen, integrating political, economic, and social circumstances led to a certain event and
then examining how that continues to affect the world today. Sociology is great because it is the study of how and why people interact which is a great lens to study the world around us, I take as many opportunities to
make this class relevant to my students lives.

I am also an assistant coach for both Cross Country Running and Track and Field so feel free to ask me about running as well. I competed in High School and College although now I mostly just run for fun. I have
experience coaching both Cross Country and Track but for now my focus is on Cross Country running.