Special Education, Resource: reading, writing, math, social skills, study skills

Homeroom: room 5
Phone: (907) 742-6800

Welcome to 4/5/6 grade resource! I work with students in fourth through sixth grade. I co-teach with classroom teachers in their rooms, and I also teach small groups at different levels in
my room throughout the day.
Our room is based on a system of mutual respect. The students know they are expected to work hard and do their very best. They need to respect their friends and classmates and
their needs. Help is always available from the adults in the room as long as students are working and respectful. If a student is not ready to be respectful or work hard; those issues have
to be addressed between the student and myself before we can move on to good academic work. Positive reinforcement is available through praise, "caught in the act" slips, snacks,
computer time, positive calls home and many other things. Negative reinforcement is provided through the color chart system, detention and suspension as needed.
I am privileged to be working with your child!