Homeroom: NURSE
Phone: (907) 742-1251

One of the great things about education is the chance for a fresh start every fall as we enter the new academic school year.

     My number one priority at SAVE is to support the health needs of the students and the SAVE High School community. Given that health concerns, medical diagnoses, health treatment plans and life circumstances are constantly changing, please feel free to stop in, call or send me a
note if your student has changes or updates to any of these. Doing this will help me keep your student safe and healthy at school.

     Medications are often part of a treatment plan and are occasionally required at school. Please remember that any student who is going to have medication of any kind at school, also must have an accompanying form filled out by the parent and often the studentís health care provider.
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the ASD medication policy or visit the ASD Health Services web site at:

     From this site you will be able to access the forms needed for many of the medications and nursing treatments done at school. In addition, you will find a wealth of other information on ASD school health policy and current health issues facing our community.

     Good communication with parents and guardians is an essential part of providing good care for your students while they are at school. As your contact information (phone numbers, and addresses) change, please remember to notify the school so we can have those changes up to date
in our system.
My phone number is 742-1251. Please feel contact me for any of your studentís health related concerns.