5th/6th grade Social Studies

Homeroom: 208
Phone: (907) 742-1750

Hello Baxter Families! I am Jenny Martinez and so excited to be a part of the Baxter team! My husband retired from the Navy and we have made Alaska our permanent home. My family also consists of three daughters, two cats, two dogs, and some fish. In our middle school model I teach social studies for both 5th and 6th grades. I am very passionate about our country's history and look forward with enthusiasm to helping your child learn about our nation's history. 5th graders will begin the year with geography then move into the beginnings of our country with the 13 colonies, Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary War and on through the Civil War. 6th graders will begin the year with the study of economics then begin the study of the 20th century. We will begin with the Industrial Revolution, Progressives, then on through World War I, The Great Depression, World War II, and on through the Civil Rights Movement. Seeing your students four days a week for history is going to allow for great discussions, time to work on projects in class to minimize homework, and deepen their understanding of our country's past and how it effects our future. Please feel free to email me with social studies questions or general questions for those in my homeroom group at I will respond as soon as possible after school is over. You may leave a message with the front office at 742-1750 but, again, I cannot return calls until after the school day has ended.