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Welcome to my class homepage! I am very happy to be teaching 3rd grade at RussianJack Elementary! This is my second time
teaching 3rd grade, and I really enjoying it.
Last year I taught fourth grade at Tyson Elementary. The year before that I taught first grade at Aurora Elementary. In the past I
taught first and second grades in Vallejo, California, and first and third grades in Unalaska, Alaska! This is my eighth year
I have two daughters. One is a recent graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz, studying Forensic Anthropology, and the
other is a senior at West High School here in Anchorage. I am so proud of them both!

In my spare time I enjoy nature, reading, and learning more about Alaska's history and cultures!

In my class, I strive to create a safe and caring working environment. I believe that when we work in a place where it is safe to try
new things and explore ideas, where one doesn't need to worry so much about being perfect, but one does his or her best,
learning can become a fun experience! I insist on kind respectful, polite behavior in my class.

Learning is about making mistakes, but it is also about doing our best and learning from the mistakes!

I hope you and your child enjoy this school year, and that it is a good learning experience for us all!