Yearbook Adviser, Digital Business Communications, Computer Science I & II

Email: daluz_emily@asdk12.org

Hey there!

I am Emily DaLuz (Duh-Luhz), a teacher at Dimond High School (Go Lynx!) I am so thankful to be starting my second year at Dimond which I have found to be the best school in the district! The community we have at
Dimond is incredible. The students are wonderful, parents are involved, and staff and admin are of the highest quality. We have a lot to be proud of at Dimond.

This will be my first year as Yearbook adviser. I am taking on a lot of responsibility and I am excited to do it. I am hoping to honor those who have gone before me to create such wonderful memories. My main teaching
certification is in Business. I will be running yearbook like an efficient, well-tuned business. We will be a staff that works together and learns from each other. We will work extremely hard to create a wonderful yearbook this

I also teach Digital Business Communications which focuses on popular workforce software programs by Adobe and Microsoft. Right now, we spend time in PhotoShop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
It is a fun class, project based, and very hands on. Requires students to meet deadlines, show professionalism, and give attention to detail.

Dimond is in the process of developing an IT Pathway which is incredibly exciting. In a world where every business requires IT professionals, I believe we are doing our very best to prepare young minds for a world of
opportunities after high school. In Computer Science I & II, we are revamping the curriculum but we are hoping to incorporate programming languages, database knowledge, networking and security, game development, and
more. These classes will also provide students with popular Microsoft certifications which will make them more prepared and valued in the workplace. It will also provide them with greater job opportunities. It's hard work, but
as we know, hard work pays off in more than just one way. Students will learn how they can change work processes, gain communication skills, and make changes that will allow for greater innovation and achievement in our
society. I'm excited to be apart of this pathway at Dimond.

I love teaching and I try to create a comfortable and consistent environment that encourages learning, growth, and even mistakes- we learn from them :) I am happy to answer any questions you may have for me. Please feel
free to email me anytime.