French II, French III, French IV, French V, IB French

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Bienvenue Ó la class de franšais de Madame O'Brien-Holen!

The French courses at West High focus on developing proficiency in the French language through a variety of activities using Comprehensible Input methods including TPR Storytelling, Movie Talk, and
reading authentic literature.

Throughout the school year French students at West have opportunities to demonstrate how well they are acquiring and developing their knowledge of the French language and of Francophone cultures
by participate in regional, state, and national events. These events include the World Language Declamation Contests and the Le Grand Concours, the National French Exam.

Study of the French language can provide myriad opportunities for students. Here are two links detailing how and why:

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I am looking forward to seeing you in class!

Mme O'Brien-Holen