First Grade

Homeroom: 178
Phone: (907) 742-1460

Welcome to First grade with Mrs. Hellman! This year we will explore many exciting topics. In science we will be studying The Power of Water, Alaskan Animals, and
Balancing and Weighing. In math we will be learning about numeration, computation, data, measurement, geometry, and patterns. In reading we will be looking at key ideas and
structures of literature, identifying words and phrases in stories or poems, describing characters, setting, or events in a story, and comparing and contrasting characters in
stories. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the skills that will be learned in first grade the ASD website has a link to the Common Core Standards. Also, If you have
any expertise in any of these areas we would love to have you as a guest in our classroom! Please contact me by email at
I will be sending a weekly newsletter home on Mondays. Please read through this to check for any upcoming events and skills that we are working on for the week. In order
for your child to be successful in first grade they will need help from you to establish good routines for bringing their communication folder to school everyday and completing
homework on time. Please practice sight words, math facts and reading with your child.
We can always use parent volunteers! Let me know if you can help in any way. I'm looking forward to a great year!

Thank you,
Mrs. Brandie Hellman