Journalism, 8th grade Language Arts, 8th grade Gifted Language Arts

Homeroom: 118
Phone: (907) 742-1800

Welcome back students and families! I am so happy to be back at Wendler for another Wendlerful year.

In Language Arts class we will be doing a lot of reading and writing! We will be working hard and having a lot of fun. Our main goals are to get students to dig deeper into text and be able to convey deeper and more complex meaning in their writing. Reading and writing are cornerstones in education and are two of the most important skills needed in the workforce. My goal is to equip your child to meet these challenges. I hope to see you all at the various Wendler Middle School events and, of course, at student led conferences.

If you're curious about how your child is doing, or want to discuss an issue with us, please feel free to email (your best contact method). Please make sure team teachers have your current email address. All of my students should be reading a self-selected book every night for at least 30 minutes and they should always bring their independent reading book to language arts class. Enjoy the last days of summer!


Anna Marie Kupilik