9th grade Global Geography, 9th grade Alaska Studies, 11th grade AP US History

Homeroom: NW 14
Phone: (907) 575-1372

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Tardies - Be on time. If you are late to class you will be assigned lunch detention.


Cell phones  - I do not allow cell phone use in my classroom. Tell your parents and friends you cannot talk or text them while you are in class. If there is an emergency, they can contact you through the main office, 907-742-2100. If you use your phone in class I will ask you to put it away or I will take it from you. If this is an ongoing problem (more than 3 reminders), a security guard will escort you and your phone to the discipline office.


Communication - I can meet before/ after school and during lunch in room NW 14. You are welcome to stop by! If you let me know in advance then I will be sure to be there. Email is a great way to reach me if you have questions outside of school hours. I check my email 1-2 times each day, so I may not respond for 24 hours. Plan accordingly!