Answers to frequently asked Certificated questions

I need to renew my certification, where should I start?
I need an employee verification to renew my certificate, how do I get one?
Log into you District connection and click the link Salary Placement Statement under the Other Resources section. Be sure and click the Printer friendly version
How do I apply for a salary increase?
Complete the Certificated Personnel Salary Advancement Request form, HR #509 and submit it together with a copy of your MLP credits and your official transcripts demonstrating the appropriate number of credits. The Salary Advancement Form (HR#509) can be found in the Forms and Publications Library. You can sign into MLP and print out your portfolio, which will show your MLP credits. All documentation is to be submitted to the Human Resources Front Counter.
I’ve been working for 10 years but you only have me at Step 7. Why is that?
Step placement is generally equal to years of service (one step is granted for one year of service). However, in the Anchorage School District, there have been several years in the past when step movement has been frozen. The salary increased from year to year, but the step did not increase.
I have a Master’s degree but you have me at B54 (B72, B90) on the pay scale.
The salary ranges B54 / B72 / B90 include your Master’s degree. Please refer to Section 105 and Section 115 of the AEA/ASD agreement.
How do I find my employee PIN needed to login to the SubFinder system to report an absence?
To find your employee PIN, log into the District Connection at the right column under Other Resources, click the link EmpCenter Employee ID. A new screen will open showing your employee PIN.
How do I change my address or phone number?
Submit the Address or Name Change Request form, HR #511 found in the Forms & Publications Library., fax to 742-4176, send through district mail, or hand deliver to the Human Resources front counter.
How do I change my name?
Please come to the Benefits office along with the following items: Address or Name Change Request form, HR #511 and your Social Security Card showing the new name. At your visit, our Benefits team will also update insurance and retirement information. Once processed through the Benefits front desk, Human Resources will update your name in your employee record and pass the request on to the IT Help Desk, who will update your computer accesses. The IT Help Desk will email you an access questionnaire to help them in the process; please watch for it and reply to it promptly for best service. It may take up to two weeks after your questionnaire is received by the IT Help Desk for the name change to occur. You will have access under your former name up until the point that your name is changed. If after your name change form and social security card are received by HR you have not received the IT Help Desk access questionnaire or otherwise heard from IT in this timeframe, please call the IT Help Desk at 742-4615, option 1.
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