Anchorage's Let's Move! Task Force efforts lead to invitation to participate in White House event


August 24, 2015


The following news release is shared on behalf of Anchorage’s Let’s Move! Task Force. ASD task force members include Melanie Sutton, Health & PE curriculum coordinator, and Laura Phillips, Student Nutrition Food and Menu Manager.



Anchorage's Let's Move! Task Force

Contact: Elvi Gray-Jackson

Phone: (907) 230-0320


Anchorage, Alaska (August 24, 2015) – Just a week before President Obama and, potentially, First Lady Michelle Obama visit Alaska, efforts of the Let’s Move! Task Force has resulted in reaching the Gold medal status within all five Goals.


In February 2014, the Let’s Move! Initiative was launched in Anchorage and, in June, 2015, the work of the Task Force resulted in reaching Gold in Goals I, II, III, and V. The only Goal left unreached was Goal IV as follows:


  • Bronze – All municipally owned or operated food vendors and contractors are identified, along with the dates when their contracts can be amended or renegotiated.
  • Silver – A policy for healthy and sustainable food service guidelines aligned with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is adopted for municipally owned or operated venues that serve food.
  • Gold – At least 30% of municipally owned or operated venues that serve food have implemented the Policy for healthy and sustainable food service guidelines aligned with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


The Bronze medal was achieved thanks to the efforts of the Municipality’s Purchasing Officer, Ron Hadden, who provided the needed information to the Task Force.  The Silver and Gold medals were achieved thanks to Mayor Berkowitz for signing into Policy the Municipality’s Food Services and Vending Machines Policy (See attached), and the Anchorage School District’s Policy 351.1 in addition to the number of healthy meals served to students within the School District.  


 “We have had an amazing team working on this effort since February, 2014 which included community health care providers, Anchorage School District, Municipal Health and Parks and Recreation Departments, thread, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, United Way of Anchorage and several others who worked together to make our community one of the healthiest in the nation.” said Assembly Vice Chair Elvi Gray-Jackson. 


“This is a great move for Anchorage to help build healthy communities.” said Mayor Berkowitz. “Anchorage’s efforts complement more than 400 cities that have adopted sustainable, long-term approaches to address childhood obesity.”


“Anchorage is the first city to have an ordinance that requires the MyPlate healthy food guide ( be displayed in all municipally owned or operated facilities.” said Assembly Chair Traini. “I was honored to participate in an effort to encourage healthy eating habits for all of our citizens. I have 8 grown kids and 15 grandchildren. This has been a tremendous effort to do the right thing for our children and our community.”  



The White House event will be held September 16th from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.





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