Announcing the 2017 Alaska Arts Education Consortium Champion of the Arts for ASD


May 23, 2017


The following news release is shared on behalf of the Alaska Arts Education Consortium. Congratulations to Homestead Elementary’s Robin Hopper!


The Alaska Arts Education Consortium (AAEC) is pleased to recognize individuals and organizations from across the state who champion the arts in education. AAEC believes these champions carry the torch for arts education through high-caliber instruction, arts support, and ongoing arts promotion.


This award is a celebratory action, aimed at highlighting the positive impact of the arts on the lives of our children and youth. The efforts of these champions in teaching and supporting arts across the curriculum reflects the mission of AAEC, which is “to promote learning in and through the arts for all Alaska students.” Each Champion was nominated by Alaskans who—like the AAEC—believe in the work of these Champions of the Arts to positively impact the lives of students and communities through arts in education. Complete information about the 2017 AAEC Champions of the Arts is available on the AAEC website at


The 2017 AAEC Champion of the Arts for the Anchorage School District is:


Robin Hopper, Classroom Music Teacher at Homestead Elementary School, Eagle River, Alaska


After 39 years of teaching Mrs. Robin Hopper will be retiring. This award honors her and her decades of service to the arts and Alaska’s students. Robin will be honored at a retirement celebration later this May.


About the Alaska Arts Education Consortium:

The mission of the AAEC is to promote high achievement for all Alaskan students in and through the arts by:

●      Creating and sustaining communication networks

●      Initiating and strengthening community partnerships

●      Preparing and supporting educators through professional development.


AAEC is a non-profit partnership of Alaskan school districts, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, Association of Alaska School Boards, Carnegie Hall, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development and the University of Alaska.


The organizational structure of the AAEC was determined in 2001, after serious consideration of which educational organizations and agencies had made a consistent, important imprint on the educational landscape of Alaska. Sustainability and having a statewide mechanism for delivery of services were two key components in these deliberations. AAEC received 501(c)3 status in 2003.


AAEC founding board members recognized from the start that they were “standing on the shoulders of giants” – of those who had contributed to arts education in Alaska over the last twenty-five years. They acknowledged the presence of the former Alaska Alliance for Arts Education as an active driving force for arts education advocacy for over two decades.


This statewide collaboration recognizes at its core that “the arts are vitally important as we strive to educate Alaskan students to be effective communicators and responsible, contributing citizens”. In the broadest sense the arts allow us to participate across circumstance, culture and time in the ongoing conversation of humankind, recognize the cultural diversity of Alaska, foster discipline, teamwork and leadership capacities, develop critical thinking and the ability to solve problems, provide opportunities to learn new skills and strategies, and build self-worth and pride of accomplishment.


The AAEC holds as its committed mission a spirited advocacy for expanded and enriched arts education for all Alaskan students. A core belief of the AAEC is that higher academic achievement will occur in and through the arts. The AAEC is committed to preparing and supporting educators so that they can teach the arts in and across the curriculum.


Contact: Hannah Johnston, or 350-9619



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