Bartlett High Hockey’s Season of Sportsmanship


January 28, 2015


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Recently the coaching staff of the Bartlett High School Hockey team received an email from a Dimond High School parent, “I and several parents on our team think your team is awesome!”


Why are parents and students outside of Bartlett cheering for the hockey team?  They have only been able to dress six players for most of their games, with team captain Kyle Sun playing every minute of every game.

Dmitri Trihub, the team’s only goalie for the first semester, has played in all but one game. He has faced 470 shots in 11 games. Ryan Kahlenbeck played goalie when Dmitri couldn’t. His first time out against East was his first time ever playing goalie.  He made 24 saves, which led the East fans to cheer every time he blocked their shots.

Coach John DeHart said, “Other teams respect what we are trying to do, not just for being a small team that almost folded this year due to its size, but because of how well our players are doing without the breaks the larger teams have.”  This is a testament to the parents, coaches, teachers and students all over Anchorage.  “They show us so much respect,” said Coach Mike Vandenbos, who also pointed out that the team received a standing ovation from Colony High School parents.

Instead of looking at the scoreboard, Coach DeHart focuses on the small victories in the game itself. “Our guys log more ice time than any other players in the league. You can see the exhaustion set in as the game wears on, but they never give up. These guys are learning how to stand up in the face of adversity. That, to me, is a victory," said Coach DeHart.

BHS players Trihub and Sun were both voted onto the End of the Road All Tournament Team and were sent medals congratulating them on their exceptional participation.

“The heart every team and school has shown toward our team is the heart of sportsmanship,” said Coach Jacob Chambers. Organizers and participants of a recent hockey tournament told the BHS coaches that the Bartlett team was everyone’s favorite and they embody what hockey is all about.

Bartlett staff say this isn’t just a win for Bartlett, this is a win for Alaska sportsmanship.

The community is invited to be a part of the spirit for the team’s last game this season. It is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. on Jan. 29 at the Harry McDonald Memorial Center in Eagle River.



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