Graduates, it has been an honor to be part of your journey


May 24, 2016


A letter from Superintendent Ed Graff


More than 3,000 Anchorage School District students graduated from high school this month. There have been many celebrations, and deservedly so. But the pomp and circumstance are about so much more than the celebration of an ending. High school graduation is a milestone, one of many to come in a lifelong journey.


Graduation is an important time to reflect on what students have accomplished and to positively reinforce where they're going. As superintendent, I've had the opportunity to meet many of our graduating seniors and I can say, without a doubt, we'll be in good hands. These leaders are brilliant, inquisitive, innovative and caring.


Their success is a result of the support and dedication provided by their parents, loved ones, educators and our school community. Since they started kindergarten 13 years ago, their school experiences have helped shape and define who they are today.


Some of the most memorable experiences in our graduates' lives have occurred in our schools. Maybe it was an exciting field trip in third grade, a new classmate in seventh grade, an unforgettable sporting event in ninth grade or a favorite class as a senior.


We've been there to help them, encourage them, support them and teach them every step of the way.


These school experiences and countless others have made a lasting impact and helped create students who are well-equipped for life in a global society. These students will now be leaving our schools as the leaders we knew they would become. Their graduation is only a part of what they will accomplish.


While this diploma will open doors for them, there's still a lot of hard work ahead. I'm confident our graduates will build on the foundation of success they've already created. There is still so much to come.


Thank you for letting me be a part of that journey. It has been an honor.

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